Theological Blogging and Christian Mission

    Over the years I have seriously questioned the value of theological blogging for spreading the gospel in this age of skepticism and superficial spirituality.  There is no doubt that God can use this means to powerfully change and save a sinner, but generally speaking the message of salvation must be lived out before the eyes of a watching world.  The Internet can become a barrier between those who hear (or read) the message and those who speak, preach, or write it.  Personal interaction is diminished, so the work of communication is more difficult.  Theology can become just another subject (albeit divine) that becomes one more  point of contention, rather than a fervent passion that binds us together. 

      A Christian may rightly wonder if his (or her) time would be better spent serving his community or his local church, his spouse or his children, instead of sitting in front of the computer screen and the keyboard.  So, is blogging worth it?  If it’s edifying, balanced, and put in it’s proper place among the myriad of  responsibilities the Lord has given His people, I think it can be a useful tool for advancing the kingdom.  However, it must not impinge upon the real needs of the real sinners or saints in your life or mine.  Jesus touched the lepers, the lame, and the distraught.  Our theology must never become an abstraction that leads us away from Christian mission, but rather the very means that leads us to it.  If theological blogging really has any value, this is where it lies—getting us up out of the desk chair and into the harvest field, with an invigorated faith and a love for the Lord Jesus that is incorruptable.

C.M. Granger


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