Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament

Published by IVP Academic, © 1992.

Many Christians claim to love Jesus, but our love for Him can only grow in direct proportion to what we know about Jesus.  Is this a call to spend more time reading and studying the four gospels?  Actually, this is call to do the opposite

Wright opens his book with this statement, “In the midst of the many intrinsically fascinating reasons why Old Testament study is so rewarding, the most exciting to me is the way it never fails to add new depths to my understanding of Jesus.”

For the next 252 pages, Wright explores the salvation story from Genesis to the reign of David and explains how different aspects of God’s story point forward to Jesus.

There were several eye-opening themes that help me appreciate my Savior a little more than I did before I read this book, but the concept that I most appreciated was Wright’s explanation of the difference between promise and prediction.  He used the illustration of a marriage to shine light on one of the differences.  He states, “That it is one thing to predict a marriage between two people, but quite another thing to promise to marry a particular person – a promise is made to someone, where as a prediction is made about someone.”  Because it is a promise that God gave to his people, “it is the relationship behind it that really matters, the material form in which it is fulfilled may be quite different from the literal form in which it was originally made, and yet it is no less a valid fulfillment of the promise.”

Just this small section of the book helped me answer some of the questions that I once had about the dispensational view that God has two salvation plans – one for the Gentile, and a separate one for the Jew.  This book was full of those kinds of nuggets of truth.  If you can make it through the first fifty pages, which is slow and dry, you will benefit greatly from reading this book.  More importantly, your love for Jesus will reach depths you never thought imaginable.


Brian L. Spivey D.O.C.

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