The Secret Key to the Christian Life is…


Christians yearn to be better Christians, that is, more like Christ. We would like to have greater victory over our sins, we’d like to pray more (often, and fervently), we’d like to “do” more in service to God and His purposes in the world. We want to be more faithful and diligent in our devotion to Christ.

Therefore, many books are published with titles that reflect this inner desire. “The Keys to Passing Your Spiritual Tests”, “The Secret of the Lord: the Simple Key That Will Revive Your Spiritual Power”, etc., etc. I don’t mean to make too much of this language, but it brings up the question, “Is there a secret key to the Christian life?” Is the Christian life “locked”, and only some Christians have the “key”?

No, not really. Conceptually, it would be nice if there were simply such a key. It would make the Christian life a lot easier. Perhaps that is what makes such books so popular. If we just had more knowledge, the right facts, following Jesus wouldn’t be quite so difficult.

However, I have found no easy way to deny myself, to take up a cross, and follow Him. No easy way, but a joyful way. The “secret” of the Christian life is really no secret at all. It is expressed throughout the Scriptures. It is our union with Christ by faith that we become better Christians, have greater victory over our sins, and accomplish more for the kingdom of God. All Christians have this “key”, so use it!

C.M. Granger


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