Is Christ Really In the Old Testament?


Beginning At Moses

Michael P.V. Barrett

327 pages

Ambassador-Emerald International

“Too many Christians approach the Old Testament as if they were fishing in the bathtub, expecting nothing, but at least fulfilling ‘devotion’ time” – Michael Barrett.

When I first received Christ as my personal Savior in the early 90’s, the one thing I remembered was how much I loved reading the Word of God.  I liked reading it and my desire to hear it proclaimed grew more and more each Sunday; but I was plagued by one question.  As I progressed in my relationship with Christ, the question seemed to grow in intensity.  I asked many people, but I never received a satisfactory answer.  At the time, I thought no one else wondered why the Old Testament seemed so disconnected from the New Testament.  Why were so many sermons delivered from the New Testament, when more than half of God’s Word was located in the Old Testament?   When someone did preach from the OT, the connection between Christ and the Old Testament seemed so unnatural. Why did those messages often lack a clear presentation of Christ?

I might have discovered the answer, or better yet, I believe that Michael Barrett has provided part of the answer in his book, Beginning At Moses.

Barrett broke this book into two sections, “Whom to look for,” and “Where to look.”  There are three chapters in part I, but seven chapters in the second section.  Barrett provides the layperson with comprehensible tools that will help “naturally” connect the Old Testament to the person and work of Christ.  It is clear by his credentials and frequent references to theological terms, that Barrett is an accomplished theologian.  He has taught Hebrew and other Old Testament classes in at least two seminaries, but he has written this book for those who are not familiar with theological terms, or the original biblical languages.

There are many gems in this book, but I think what was most beneficial was Barrett’s simple explanation of how Christ can be referred to as the everlasting Father, and still be distinct from The Father.  If you ever had that nagging question about how Christ is connected to the Old Testament, then I would strongly urge you to get a copy for yourself.  I am sure that your study will increase your awe and devotion of our Savior – Jesus The Christ.

In Him

Brian Spivey

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