How is your End Time Theology?


I didn’t want to use the word ‘Eschatology’ in the title, because it might just intimidate people, but the theological word for the study of the end times is generally understood as eschatology.  Most people may not even be aware of their beliefs about eschatology, while others are just fuzzy and inconsistent in their understanding, but regardless of where you are in the spectrum, Vern S. Poythress’ book, Understanding Dispensationalist will help you see some things clearer.  Two things surprised me about this book: (1) his humble explanation of his own position, (2) his gracious approach to those who may embrace a different eschatology.  This is a short book (137 pages), and he spent the first five chapters graciously suggesting approaches that would aid in God-honoring dialogue between Dispensationalist and Non-Dispensationalist.  It was clear from the opening pages, that his intention was to spur theologically rich conversations in a Christ-like manner.  It was a great book.  If you decide to read it, let me know what you think.

Brian Spivey


3 thoughts on “How is your End Time Theology?

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