Shall We Look Back? Some Reflections on the Upcoming Year

rearview mirrorI know, I sound confused.  How can one reflect upon that which hasn’t happened yet?  Is looking back upon 2013 any guide to 2014?  The new year is a good time for healthy reflection, for sitting down and taking time to think about what is now behind us.  I’m not talking about that kind of navel-gazing which is likely to be a detriment to assurance, but the intentional and wise consideration of God’s providence and our responses to what He has brought us through.

God always exhorts His people to remember His great acts in history.  To look back and consider what He has done for us and then look to the future without trepidation.  Remember the Red Sea (Ex. 14)?  Yahweh wants us to look back at that great deliverance and not to fear what may seem like an insurmountable difficulty.  Even greater, let’s remember the cross.  Look back at that great deliverance regularly and your troubles will be put into their proper perspective.  God has, in the past, done things in time and space, with each one of us in mind (and upon His heart).  If He has acted in history for us before, will He not do so again?

All right, so the events of your life are not so grand.  Those acts of redemption and deliverance were not for you only, they were for God’s people and by His grace you happen to be one of them.  Has God not delivered you from some difficulty before?  Has He not provided a job, supplied a need, so arranged the events of your life to keep you safe?  Don’t you have anything from 2013 that you can look back on and bless God for?  Yes, brother or sister, you do!  Therefore, “reflect” upon the upcoming year with confidence in God.  Look ahead and fear not!

C.M. Granger



One thought on “Shall We Look Back? Some Reflections on the Upcoming Year

  1. I will do just that. I keep a journal to help me and try to read through it every December. I haven’t done it in the last two years, so this post has put some fire under my feet.
    Thanks for the post

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