What We Declare At Thanksgiving

Pilgrim Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s hard to commercialize. There’s nothing glitzy about it, no big decorations, nothing beyond family, friends, food, and reflecting upon things for which we should be thankful. It’s a special opportunity to praise God for His goodness to us and to consider our blessings. The Thanksgiving holiday has become more cultural than Christian over the past few decades, but it is a time which hopefully points unbelievers to God and directs many hearts upward with gratefulness and appreciation.

What is declared, perhaps in a subtle way, at Thanksgiving?

Firstly, giving thanks points us outside of ourselves, recognizing that what we have has been received from another. It declares that God is personal and that He exists.

Secondly, giving thanks declares that the Giver is good. God is gracious, benevolent, merciful, and kind. He is the God of blessing, who gives good things to His children.

Thirdly, it declares that we should not take our blessings for granted. No one knows what a day may bring forth. Don’t presume anything. ‘Tis true nothing grows without rain, but while we have clear skies and sunshine, let us rejoice.

Lastly, it declares that God is our provider. He meets all our needs, physical and spiritual. He keeps His promises faithfully year after year.

So as we feast and rejoice this “Thanksgiving”, let us not forget to truly be thankful and to declare these things!

C.M. Granger


2 thoughts on “What We Declare At Thanksgiving

  1. Thank you for your post Chad. Your third point is so true and relevant to my circumstances right now. Last year during this time my mom was so vibrant and full of life. Now the cancer/chemo has reduced her to shell of herself. I am going to give God the glory, although I don’t know what Thanksgiving 2015 will bring. Thanks again for the post.

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