Total Depravity and Conditional Immortality

Conditional immortality (or annihilationism) is a heterodox belief which states that obtaining immortality is based upon a condition, namely believing the gospel.  Therefore, unbelievers don’t suffer eternally in hell for their sin but rather (after a time of punishment) cease to exist.  Atheists generally believe that at death consciousness dissolves and individual persons cease to exist as well.  Conditional immortality basically affirms this atheistic belief.

I’m not going to make an extended argument here for what has been called the traditional view of hell.  My only purpose is to state that before I believed the gospel, I was told by someone that if I didn’t believe it I would die and be eternally extinguished.  My very first thought was, “Who cares?  I won’t exist.  I can have my sin and (someday in the future) die and go to sleep forever.”

In other words, the doctrine of conditional immortality doesn’t properly take into account man’s total depravity.  Fear of death is a weak motivation for repentance.  Fear of hell, that’s quite another motivation.


C.M. Granger


Resolution # 1

The fourth book of the Torah (first five books of the Bible) is Numbers. The Hebrew title for Numbers is, “And He said.” It is the first two words of the Hebrew text. It gives us a better key to unlock the treasures in this Old Testament book. The children of Israel will go through the wilderness, but they would not be alone – God promised that his real and visible presence would be right there in the middle of the people. The Israelites could not depend on the food and water that was so readily available in Egypt; they had to rely on God and His Word. The book of Numbers is all about God’s Instructions in the wilderness. God tested His people and reminded them that His people will live by faith and they must live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Lesson for then; Lesson for now! Here is a “spiritual” New Year’s Resolution: Let’s resolve to live our lives by the teachings found in the Bible.
What do you think some of the roadblocks will be in 2015?

Brian (Disciple of Christ)