What Do You Expect to See on a Beach?

Series: “ Divine Duo”

For the next couple of blog post I want to explore a very small book in the New Testament – The Book of Titus.

Recently our family took a trip and spent time on a beach. There are things that just naturally go together. Sand is a natural thing to see on a beach. A paved street, a freshly cut lawn, or high-risers do not belong on a beach. There is sand, sand, and more sand. An ocean and sand naturally go together. In the Book of Titus, we learn that some things just naturally go together.

The book of Titus is an epistle written by Paul to his companion Titus. Paul left Titus on the Island of Crete to establish local churches. Paul provides him, and by implication us, with a divine blueprint of how to establish a New Testament church. In each chapter of this short book, Paul mentions at least three major Christian doctrines. But before he writes about these doctrines, he describes himself and his mission.

(1) Paul was a servant. This is a foreign word in our society, but the writer of 14 New Testament books described himself as a servant. This opening is a reminder of Jesus words: “But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be your slave.” (Matt 20:27). This is essence of Christianity.

(2) Paul was an Apostle. Paul was sent. Jesus Christ sent him.

What should we expect to see from a Christian leader? Servanthood.

Servanthood and Christian leadership go hand-in-hand. It naturally goes together. A Christian leader who is not striving for greater servanthood is like a beach with high-risers. You wouldn’t go to that beach would you? You would stay far away. Then let us stay far away from leaders who are not first of all servants.

Brian Spivey – D.O.C.

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