A Portrait of Paul


Identifying a True Minister of Christ

© 2010

203 pages

By Rob Ventura and Jeremy Walker

Reformation Heritage Books


The authors of this book seek to draw principles from an in-depth study of the life of the apostle Paul to help church-goings and church leaders recognize the true marks of a Minister of Christ. Both authors are pastors. Both men did a sermon series from the book of Colossians, and this was the fruit of it.

I would highly recommend this book with one caution: this is an intense book! It could have easily been four hundred (400) pages. There are so many admonishments and cautions jam packed in this one book. Each chapter ends with a practical message to the “Fellow Christian,” and the to the “Fellow Pastor.” Each section was full of conviction because I am a church member and one who is aspiring to be a pastor. This is a great book for a small group to go through, but I would especially recommend it to a pulpit search committee. It is not the kind of book that Dave or Chad (other two others on this blog) would read next to a fireplace with a cup of coffee, it reads more like a workbook.

In the chapter entitled, “The Subject of Paul’s Ministry,” the first sentence of the “Fellow Christian” section states, “Are you sitting under a Christ-Centered, Christ-saturated, Christ magnifying ministry?” This is a question that requires a lot of thought and self-reflection, and this was only the first sentence. This was the first question, there are ten more in that section and that section is not even two pages! It’s a good book, but not a quick read. If you are considering reading this book as an individual or a group, let me know.



Brian L. Spivey – D.O.C.