A Sermon Preached Without Words

I came across the story of this Christian couple who are country singers, Joey and Rory Feek, through my wife.  Joey was a new mother when diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014, she recently passed away in March of this year.  The backstory is Joey was a huge fan and admirer of Dolly Parton, and a family friend had arranged for Dolly to give her a special message, slipped into the middle of a favorite movie, as she was in Hospice care at her childhood home in Alexandria, IN.

What struck me very deeply in the video of Joey’s joyful reaction is the way Rory, her husband, wept over her joy (although I’m sure those tears contained sorrow as well).

I can tell you the video clip embedded in this blog post preached to me like no sermon ever has.  It’s a living example of godly marital love, and I was deeply convicted of how far short I fall with regard to loving my wife as I should.  Since this is living theology, I thought it most appropriate for a theology blog.

C.M. Granger


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