A Memorial


I don’t think you meet too many great men in life, but I’ve had the privilege of knowing a couple. Eivion Williams had been a member of my church since 1983 and was a successful business man before coming to Christ. Once he became a Christian, he phased out his business interests so that he could serve the Lord in other ways. He ran the Schenectady City Mission for five years, then served a local Christian school, then was President of the Alpha Pregnancy Center for several years until he passed away last Sunday, April 17.

I learned a lot from him, mostly by example. He had great faith in God’s goodness, trusted God’s Word, and believed His promises. Eivion really had a heart to see sinner’s come to Christ, especially his friends and family. He also had a passion to save unborn babies from abortion and to help young mothers make the right decisions. He was a guy who prayed, then took action.

Clifton Park Community Church is going to miss him greatly. He was a faithful deacon, brother, and friend, as well as a godly father and husband. Even though he wasn’t saved until later in life, he was used by God to do great things in the church and in the community he served. Eivion was “all in”, and that’s primarily how I’ll remember him.

One can only wish to leave such a Christ-like legacy.

C.M. Granger


One thought on “A Memorial

  1. Very few men are “all in,” but I have to agree with you that he was just that. Many people believe in God when things are going well, but he was steadfast even to the end. I will miss him.

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