One Purpose of Church Attendance

“Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written in it, for the time is near” Revelation 1:3

How many times have you read and heard sermons about this passage?  I have heard it many times.  I have also heard the phrase, “Context is King.”  Although I spent most of my adult life learning how to read and preach the Scriptures, I am reminded how easy it is to detach a verse from its original context. The principle, ‘Context is king,’ helped me understand a Bible passage this afternoon.

Have you ever wondered why it says, “the one who reads ALOUD the words of this prophecy”?  I haven’t until recently.  The context of this book is a letter that travels to seven different churches.  The one who reads aloud would naturally be the Elder or Pastor.  When John writes,  to the “angel,” he is referring to the pastor or elder.  Wow!  Now this makes so much sense.  The pastor would read it, and the congregation would listen and KEEP the words.  Those who do, will be blessed.  I guess this would be one of the main purposes of church attendance… not to get our ‘praise on.’  I didn’t think I would find it in The book of Revelation, but I am glad I did.


Brian L Spivey D.O.C.

3 thoughts on “One Purpose of Church Attendance

  1. Hi Brian,

    What exegetical evidence is there that indicates John was referring to an elder or pastor when he writes “to the angel” of such and such church as you assert here? Not saying I disagree with you, just wondering.

  2. Chad,
    Sorry it took so long, the answer to your question did not come as quick as my post. Thanks for keeping me in the Word.
    If it is true, as I asserted earlier that “Context is King,” we must remind ourselves that words have no meaning without a context. Though the word angel in Greek means messenger, in the context of Revelation (especially 1:20) it is used of a guardian or representative (Vine’s Dictionary, 26). The book of Revelation tells us that the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches (Rev. 1:20). Most of the symbolic words or phrases used in the book of Revelation can be further defined or understood by the OT. The word “star” itself has OT roots and is often representative of “rule.” In Numbers it is used to describe the future eschatological ruler of Israel (Beale & Carson, 1096).
    If we can agree that Prophecies from the OT are fulfilled in Revelation (Beale & Carson, 1085) than we look for “God’s salvation lines” woven through Scripture. One of His lines (themes) is that our faith is a Representative faith. We see this in the life of Adam, Abraham, David, and the prophets. The message of God came to the prophet to read or preach to the people. In the case of Revelation, the message of Christ came to the angel (Unto the angel of the Church of Ephesus…) for the people. It came to the representative, and that representative in these 7 local churches was the pastor/elder.
    Chad, push back is good and healthy, so if my response did not address your original question, please say so…

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