Agnostics vs. Atheists, or Eagleton vs. Dawkins

“Because there is no necessity about the cosmos, we cannot deduce the laws which govern it from a priori principles, but need instead to look at how it actually works. This is the task of science. There is thus a curious connection between the doctrine of creation out of nothing and the professional life of Richard Dawkins. Without God, Dawkins would be out of a job. It is thus particularly churlish [rude] of him to call the existence of his employer into question.”

I found this tidbit amusing. From Terry Eagleton’s Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate. He’s a British literary critic and no friend of Christianity. The above work is part of his contribution to the Terry Lectures, given at Yale in 2008. They are an academic series of lectures given annually which discuss the relation of faith and science. Marilynne Robinson was also asked to speak at these lectures, her contribution was published as Absence of Mind. Good stuff

C.M. Granger